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Prequalification of requests

You certainly receive a considerable number of enquiries from individuals interested in your properties, both for your advertisements published on property portals and on your website.

It is often difficult to respond to these enquiries in a short space of time and to prioritise the most promising prospects.

Better management of flows from property portals


By reacting immediately to requests, you are demonstrating professionalism and engaging requesters in a process that you have defined in advance.


By asking the right questions, you can immediately determine the quality of the applicants, the potential they represent for your business and the follow-up to be given to their application.


By answering your questions, enquirers reveal their degree of involvement in the property process. It’s best to give priority to people who are genuinely motivated to complete the transaction.

Prequalification sources

Contact creation in whise

If you use whise as your business software, we configure the initiation of prequalification directly in your account. This way you keep track of all your customer interaction history.

Emails requesting information

By connecting your request streams from real estate portals, our prequalification services extract the useful information to initiate prequalification.

Nodalview leads

You can also connect lead flows from your virtual visits to prequalify them. And if you use whise, we'll take care of creating contacts in your business software to centralise all interactions.

We look after your agency image

To illustrate the experience of your contacts, we invite you to discover what the standard email sent automatically to requesters looks like.

How does prequalification work?

We process feeds from the main real estate portals


Several qualification paths

Requesters will be qualified differently depending on whether they are interested in a property for rent or for sale, or whether they are contacting you for another request.

YOU can freely define the questions to be asked, as well as the intrinsic logic of the forms (additional questions to be asked depending on the answers, alerts to be generated, etc).

The best candidates

Your time is precious, so make sure you spend it on the most promising candidates.

New potential mandates

Every interaction is a source of new opportunities.
By asking the right questions, you can easily identify potential mandates lurking among the current files.

See examples of prequalification paths

How much do prequalification paths cost?

1 Standard path

Sale or Rental or Generic
40/month or €400/year

    + 1 month free trial    

Predefined standard model


Additional standard path

20/month or €200/year

    + 1 month free trial    

Predefined standard model


Customised setup

By path
+ 200 €

Path defined by the agency

Full support for
personalising prequalification


Distribution group

+ 50 €

Setting up the agency’s own email address to duplicate feeds from portals

(only necessary if the agency does not wish to create a distribution group with its domain)

Bruno Biemans

Why don't we talk about it?

Contact us

We answer your questions

There’s no commitment on your part.
You can benefit from our 3 standard paths free of charge for 1 month, so that you can form your own opinion of the results delivered.

There is a one-off charge for customising the paths to suit your own needs and for providing a distribution group.

If you order one (or more) prequalification paths, we will work together on a project to set up your process.
You will specify us :

  • the message you want to send to initiate pre-qualification (subject, content, signature)
  • all the questions asked and the logic of the form.

We’ll take care of configuring and programming your requirements.
If you use whise, we’ll also program the appropriate automatic actions in your business software.

No, everything is programmed to work automatically.

A person who expresses an interest in one of your properties will immediately receive a message from your agency confirming receipt of their request and inviting them to specify their property projects.

In any case, you will receive all applications, just as you do today.
It’s up to you to organise the way you deal with applications, with or without prequalification.

NB: not following up your invitation to specify a property project is in itself a sign of a low level of%2m0otivation to complete the transaction.

If you don’t use whise, we need to be able to be informed when you receive a request from a portal, in order to prequalify the request.

A distribution group allows you to duplicate a message sent to one email address to several email addresses. In this way, a message from a property portal will be received simultaneously by you and by us.

If you do not wish to create a distribution group within the emails of your domain, we can take care of creating a distribution group for you.

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