1. Facilitate your visit requests at the time that suits you best

choix-horaire-de-visite-appartement-maisonIt is no longer necessary to reach the owner by telephone to arrange a meeting that suits you. You can make your visit requests either on visit.immo, or directly on any ad site -by a copy/paste your access information to your tenant profile-.

  1. Put your tenant profile in value, for more success

mise-en-valeur-du-dossier-du-locataireOn the basis of simple but useful information, visit.immo allows you to communicate securely information about you and what you are looking for. Thus the owners better understand your expectations and visits are organised in more favourable conditions for the conclusion of a contract.

  1. Centralise your searches into a single tool

centralisation-dossier-locatairevisit.immo allows you to group all your requests in one place. So you keep track of all the properties that interest you and easily follow the evolution of your requests. You also get a calendar of visits and instant messaging services.

  1. Your application file complete and usable to any owner

dossier-complet-locataireiIf the visit is conclusive, you can easily solicit for the rental of the property by proposing your application. You only fill in the information once, and you can use it as many times as you want to convince owners of the seriousness of your rental application.

  1. All visit.immo services are free for tenants

service-gratuit-pour-les-locatairesWe wish to stimulate the use of our services. That is why we deliberately choose for a commercial policy stimulating the adoption of our tools. Our services are free for tenants, we hope that you will become a visit.immo ambassador!

Tenant information

In order to facilitate the exchange of information, the tenant completes
his profile with the different information he wants to share.
This information will be used for all tenant’s requests.

There are two types of requests: either for a visit or to rent the property.

Visit request

To be able to solicit visits to owners, a tenant will make available a certain amount of useful information about him, and that will be accessible only by the concerned owners.

There is mandatory information* which must always be provided, and also additional information which is optional and contributes to improve the tenant’s profile.

Mandatory information

  • Desired entry date*
  • Desired rental duration*
  • Number of inhabitant(s)*
  • Pets*
  • Visit preferences*

Additional information

  • Reason for a new rent
  • Personal presentation
  • Job
  • Why am I a good tenant candidate
  • Additional document(s)

The more complete the tenant’s profile,
the better owners will be able to respond to visit requests.

Rental application

When a tenant wishes to rent a property, he reports it on his dashboard. The owner is immediately informed and will be able to evaluate his application before giving his answer. The application file contains all the information provided by the tenant, including additional documents that will attest of the proper management of his current rental and his financial capacity to pay rent.

Financial capacity

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Main income: amount* & proof
  • Last tax assessment
  • ID proof
  • Other income(s): amount & proof
  • Other person/organisation as rent guarantor
  • 3 last payment proofs of current rent

Proper manager

  • Current owner details
  • Third-party recommendations
  • Last water/gas/electricity count
  • Current fire insurance
  • Additional comment

A complete rental application file
is the best way to maximise your chances


A simple price structure

Our goal is to offer our services freely to the greatest number.
That’s why the majority of our services are free.
visit.immo aims to represent a source of savings, not costs.


  • Manage your tenant profile question-mark
  • Free access to potential properties question-mark
  • Visit request 24/24 – 7/7 question-mark
  • Reminder of visit by email question-mark
  • Full application file for rental question-mark
  • Partner offers question-mark

Owner (per rent)

6 months for 9,50€ /rental
  • An effective tool for managing tenant search question-mark
  • Integrated planning of visit requests question-mark
  • Access to potential tenants question-mark
  • SMS visit reminder question-mark
  • Access to Instant Messaging question-mark
  • Rental application after visit question-mark

Privacy policy and non-discrimination

Given the nature of the information used, confidentiality and data security are at the center of our concerns.

We attach great importance to ensuring that the personal information provided is in accordance with the privacy guidelines and that it is used only in the strict framework of research and application. The information provided will only be made available as part of user-initiated interactions, and will benefit from a high level of security. By way of example, downloaded documents are transformed into secure Adobe Acrobat documents and stored partially on several separate servers.

Any deletion of information and/or document is also final and irremediable, no personal information is kept by visit.immo.