Survey your visitors

- Your customers are a mine of information -

Your real estate activities benefit from being supported by the optimisation of certain key moments.

Before/after a valuation appointment

As well as confirming your arrival, include information that will be useful to homeowners and that will highlight the professionalism of your agency.

After a property visit

Whether a visit is successful or not, it is beneficial for all parties to conclude it well and to exploit all the aspects that may arise from it.

Immediate benefits

The right timing

Convincing people is often a question of anticipating expectations in order to satisfy them more effectively, while capturing potential opportunities at every interaction.

Knowledge is Power

Who better than your customers to tell you what they appreciated and give you suggestions on how to meet their expectations even better.


More results for less effort!
By automating the monitoring of your visits, you free up time to focus on what makes you irreplaceable.

How is a follow-up visit organised?


You carry out the visit


At the end of the visit, you inform your visitor that they will shortly be receiving a request for an evaluation, and that this is very useful to you.

Automatic sending of a survey

Site immobilier

Based on the visits recorded in your calendar (Google/Whise), an email is automatically sent to the visitor after the visit, according to the deadline you have set.

Site immobilier
Feedback visite

Visitors fill in the requested information

Feedback visite

You are free to define the questions asked and the desired answers (formatted or free), in order to obtain a better understanding of the opportunities arising from the visit.

Automation takes over


As well as receiving the answers (even partial answers) to the questions, you define the actions that will be automatically launched on the basis of the answers provided (e.g. sending a finance lead to your broker).


Earn ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from your visitors


You end the survey with a question about your agency’s recommendation rate. If the rating is not good enough, you’ll find out more about areas for improvement, and if the rating is excellent, we’ll end the survey on your Google review page.

The right questions

Depending on the package you choose, you can freely define the questions on your visit follow-up form.

By conditioning the questions to be asked on the basis of the answers already provided, you can initiate the right follow-up to the visit: online visit rescheduling, financing assistance and other related services.

Killing several birds with one stone

You can pass on any information you wish to the owner (e.g. assessment of the property visited, strengths/weaknesses, etc).

The answers you give will also help you decide how best to follow up the visit.
For example, you can :

Sending out survey invitations

Standard form: manual

With the standard form, you send a personalised link to your visitors to invite them to take part in the visit follow-up.

Advanced form: AUTOMATIC

The appointments in your Whise or Google calendar, created by Plato, by your business tool or directly by you automatically trigger an invitation email to your visitors.
This saves you any administration, everything happens automatically as you visit.

Google reviews booster

And since your visitors are willing to provide you with useful information, why not conclude the survey with an immediate transition to your Google (or other) reviews page only with visitors who are delighted with your services.

(e.g. with a recommendation rate of 9 or 10/10).

Making a difference

Evaluate the performance of your team, discover an area for improvement, identify a ‘future seller’, stimulate the offer to purchase, add 5 stars to your Google review, …

It's all about opportunities!

How much does a form cost?

Standard form


The best way to discover
the benefits of visits follow-up

Advanced form

Setup 200 € + 180 €/year

Synchro 3 calendars included

Personalised support for
full implementation of the solution

To make the most of your visits
in fully AUTOMATIC mode

Bruno Biemans

Why don't we talk about it?

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We answer your questions

You have an administration page from which you can initiate new surveys. Here you will find a directory of your registered properties and the contact details of the owners who own them.

Once you’ve selected the property you want to visit, all you have to do is either :

click on the url generated to start the survey


copy this URL and send it to your visitor.
We also recommend that you save this URL to make it easier to distribute over time.

If you use a Google calendar for your visits, you don’t need to do anything.

We consult your Google calendar every hour and identify the visit appointments created by your business software or Plato. Once the visit end time has been reached, you decide when your visitors will receive their personal invitation to fill in their impressions on your visit follow-up form.

Yes, it’s possible.

For example, you can decide to send a personalised email 1 or 2 days before an estimate appointment to prepare for your visit by presenting your activities using your agency brochure and/or a video as an introduction to your services.

You can also automate the follow-up of estimate reports.

All your surveys are sent to you by email, along with all the visitor’s responses. They are also stored in a summary table accessible from your dashboard.

With the free formula, homeowners only receive an email with the answers to questions relating to the property they have visited.

With the advanced form, you are free to choose the questions asked and the content of the emails sent at the end of the survey.

You can also copy and paste the results table into a summary Excel spreadsheet to send to the owner.

No, no integration is necessary.

For the advanced package, we use your Google calendar to synchronise with your visits.

Yes, if you have an advanced form, we can adapt your form to your needs. An additional service will be required, depending on the extent of the changes you wish to make.

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